Um, where are those DOL overtime changes again?

Government moves at its own pace. Sometimes the effective date of change is unknown, or as was once famously coined, a “known unknown.” In the case of the changes to the salary threshold for overtime pay, it is unknown when the rule will become effective (and perhaps even what the final salary threshold will be).  There are, however, some knowns.  The rule making comment period closed 9/4/15, with a whopping 293,394 comments.  The rule making website has the Final Rule scheduled for “7/00/16” which we all know is not a real date, even in Washington. This is an election year, however, so the rule will most likely take effect sometime between Labor Day and November 1, 2016. How’s that for accuracy?

What’s an employer to do? Prepare. The change is coming and an employment audit will put you in compliance. We can help. 508.548.4888



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