New Year, New Tool to Make HR Look and Feel Great

THE HR FUNCTION AUDIT: A New Way to Improve Your HR System & Profile

We are pleased to introduce our HUMAN RESOURCES FUNCTION AUDITHuman Resources Function Audit Summary.  This Audit is based on years of experience and the current HR climate and challenges. Our HR Function Audit and guidance will allow your team to effectively assess then provide evidence that HR has a positive impact on the bottom line. This Audit, like the others we provide, will be protected by the attorney/client privilege and indemnified by our comprehensive malpractice coverage. Give us a call or reach out electronically. We look forward to helping you and your team. We will provide this Audit service for a low fixed fee to avoid uncertainty and minimize impact on your budget.

Please contact us to guide you through this Audit, which we have spent countless hours formulating, based on our years of HR experience and ongoing knowledge of changing compliance obligations.

We can help. 508-548-4888 or



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